What We Do

Color Management Solutions

Control color in your fingertips.
Calibration can be a really complicated job. It involves a lot of adjustments and fine tuning.
So here,we provide :
* Create accurately color profile,as in-house color guide.
* Enhance accurately color in RGB and CMYK platform.
* Reduce Waste (paper,ink,time) in print for pay businesses.
* Predict color output and adjust with confidence before printing.
* Achieve more accurately color on print out.
* Color control leading to increased client's satisfaction.
Hardware type,
* Wide range and comprehensive CRT and LCD monitor calibration.
(especially the professional type of,Eizo,Apple,Lacie etc.)
* Both types of professional laser and inkjet printer calibration.
(with OEM genuine ink & toner)
* Most of the media,commercial paper,photo inkjet paper,digital fine art paper etc.